Headquartered in Hollywood, CA, Digital Mind State was founded in 2011 by mobile industry veteran Mike Johns. Maintaining our remarkable philosophy, Digital Mind State’s approach to organizing a marketplace is unique in the industry. Our expertise covers every aspect of branding, experiential and collaborative marketing, project management, sponsorship procurement, event production, and management of promotional content development.

Digital Mind State is a results-driven creative marketing agency. We take a 360-degree approach to help our clients achieving their fullest potential.


We are aware that every company has different needs and representations. Some companies represent cutting edge technology while others represent traditional brands seeking to become future proof. Regardless of the tone, Digital Mind State can provide an accurate and authentic solution that reaches the right audience in the right way at the right time.

We’ll work alongside your team directly, or through your existing agency. Consider Digital Mind State as an extension of your company to support and augment your non-traditional brand and marketing plan.

“At Digital Mind State our capabilities allow us to create meaningful brand experiences that help drive our clients’ businesses.”


Our first priority is your ambitions. While thinking strategically allows us to meet your goals, we never lose sight of details. We use artificial intelligence to see how people interact with your brand. Using that information along with our remarkable data analytic skills, we ensure you that the result is an increase in growth, sales, and profits for your company.

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